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7 Most Affordable States To Live in 2024

In 2024, as the cost of living in the United States continues to rise, finding affordable places to live has become more challenging. Let's look at seven states where residents can benefit from a lower cost of living, including cheaper housing, healthcare, and education. Using current data and trends, these states present good options for individuals and families aiming to manage expenses without sacrificing quality of life.

Each state on this list, spanning the Midwest and the South, offers unique advantages, making them appealing choices for those seeking a more budget-friendly lifestyle in the economic climate of 2024.

Why Affordability Matters More Than Ever

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Affordability has become a major concern for many people in 2024, due to global economic changes and rising living costs. Inflation is impacting everyday expenses like groceries and utilities, making financial stability more dependent on where you live.

Affordable living can reduce financial stress, allowing individuals and families to save more, invest in their future, or simply enjoy a better quality of life without constant money worries. For those looking to buy a home, affordable states provide the chance to enter the property market without taking on excessive debt. Additionally, affording quality healthcare and education is crucial for long-term wellbeing. In uncertain economic times, choosing a state with a lower cost of living can offer a valuable safety net and improve overall life satisfaction.


Jackson, Mississippi, skyline over the Capitol Building at dusk.

Ranked #1 by the World Population Review, Mississippi is the most cost-effective state to live in for 2024. The Magnolia State has some of the lowest housing costs in the country, with median home prices well below the national average. Beyond affordable housing, Mississippi offers a low overall cost of living, including groceries and transportation.

Healthcare is accessible and reasonably priced, adding to its appeal. The state is also rich in natural beauty and cultural history, providing a high quality of life. Education is a priority, with various schooling options and reputable higher learning institutions. For those looking to stretch their money further without sacrificing essentials or extras, Mississippi is an excellent choice.


Aerial View of the Population Center of Wichita, Kansas.

Ranked #2, Kansas is a great choice for stretching your dollars in 2024. With its vast plains and welcoming communities, the Sunflower State combines low-cost living with a high quality of life. The median home price in Kansas is well below the national average, making homeownership a realistic goal for many. Additionally, residents benefit from lower costs for groceries, utilities, and transportation, leading to significant savings on everyday essentials.

Healthcare in Kansas is both accessible and affordable. The state also offers a range of educational opportunities, with commendable public and private schools, as well as reputable colleges and universities. Beyond financial advantages, Kansas has a rich cultural heritage and numerous recreational activities, such as exploring the Flint Hills and enjoying local festivals. Kansas provides a balanced and affordable lifestyle.


Birmingham, Alabama, USA Downtown Skyline Panorama.

Ranked #3, Alabama is another great place to live. Known as the "Heart of Dixie," Alabama offers a comfortable living environment with a low cost of living. The median home price here is much lower than the national average, making it an appealing option for homebuyers. Daily essentials like groceries, utilities, and healthcare are also reasonably priced, helping residents maintain a balanced budget. Alabama boasts natural beauty, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf Coast beaches. The state also offers many educational opportunities with numerous reputable schools and colleges.


Aerial view of the beautiful sunrise landscape over Edmond area at Oklahoma.

Ranked #4, Oklahoma offers a budget-friendly lifestyle without compromising quality. Known for its vast ranches, oil heritage, and welcoming atmosphere, the Sooner State has one of the lowest costs of living in the US. The median home price is well below the national average, making homeownership accessible to many.

Daily expenses like groceries, utilities, and transportation are also lower compared to other regions. Healthcare is affordable and accessible, enhancing residents' well-being. Oklahoma's diverse landscape, from rolling prairies to lush forests, offers plenty of outdoor activities. The state also has several educational institutions for both young students and adults. For those seeking an affordable, community-focused environment, Oklahoma is an excellent choice.


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Ranked #5, Georgia is a top choice for a cost-effective yet vibrant lifestyle in 2024. The Peach State combines urban excitement with rural tranquility, making it suitable for various lifestyles. The median home price in Georgia is below the national average, attracting homebuyers looking for value. Residents also enjoy lower costs for groceries, utilities, and transportation, contributing to a comfortable and financially secure life. Healthcare in Georgia is accessible and reasonably priced, adding to its appeal. The state has strong education options, including reputable public and private schools and numerous higher education institutions. Georgia also offers rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, from bustling cities like Atlanta to scenic national parks.


Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ranked #6, Tennessee is an attractive destination for those looking for a cost-effective yet enriching lifestyle. Known for its musical heritage and beautiful landscapes, Tennessee combines a low cost of living with a high quality of life. The median home price in the state is well below the national average, making homeownership achievable for many individuals and families.

Along with affordable housing, the state offers lower than average costs for groceries, utilities, and transportation, helping residents maintain a balanced budget. Healthcare in Tennessee is accessible and affordable, ensuring the well-being of its residents. The state's rich cultural scene, from Nashville's country music to Memphis's vibrant blues, provides plenty of entertainment and artistic experiences. Educational opportunities are strong, with respected public and private schools, as well as well-known universities. For those who value affordability, cultural richness, and natural beauty, Tennessee is a great choice in 2024.


Kansas City, Missouri, USA downtown skyline with Union Station.

Ranked #7, Missouri is a top choice for a cost-effective and well-balanced lifestyle. The "Show Me State" offers a low cost of living, with the median home price much lower than the national average, making it appealing for homebuyers. Daily expenses like groceries, utilities, and transportation are also affordable, providing residents with financial ease.

Healthcare in Missouri is both accessible and affordable, ensuring quality care without high costs. The state boasts a strong educational system, with many reputable public and private schools, as well as esteemed higher education institutions. Beyond economic benefits, Missouri is rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty, from the lively streets of St. Louis and Kansas City to the tranquil Ozark Mountains. Overall, Missouri offers a great mix of affordability, education, and outdoor activities.

From Cost-Effective Living To Quality Of Life

These states represent the best choices for affordable living in 2024, each offering a unique blend of cost savings, access to essential services, and quality of life. Kansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri stand out for their low median home prices, affordable daily expenses, and accessible healthcare. Each state also provides strong educational opportunities and a rich array of cultural and recreational activities. Whether you are drawn to the bustling urban centers or the serene rural landscapes, these regions cater to diverse lifestyle preferences while ensuring financial stability. For anyone prioritising affordability without sacrificing quality, these states present ideal options for a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

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